That fateful afternoon, I returned from my evening lesson and met only my grandmother at home; my siblings were not around, so the house was too boring for my liking.

Having learnt that my siblings are at the church, I asked my grandmother’s permission to go and meet them but she refused. Guess what I did? I sneaked out but went to the church.

I got to the church and went to sit at the male flank. Because the church service was on, none of my siblings sighted me. I later slept off, the service ended and my siblings went home without me.

I just felt someone tap me. One of my siblings woke me up and told me “You are in trouble”. Unknown to me, my father had got home and my grandmother had reported me to him. My siblings had got home without me, my furious father had sent them to go and bring me home to receive punishment for my disobedience. That day, I was seriously beaten. After the beating, came a pronouncement by my father. He said that I should get ready to go and leave with my Ghanaian lesson teacher. I was to leave the next day and that was what happened.

My Ghanaian teacher happened to be a dedicated member of Deeper Life Bible Church. I had no choice than to become a member of his church. I remember those days at the Children Church, the Success Camp, the Retreats, the life-transforming teachings, the prizes I won, the house fellowship and the spiritual songs and hymns we sang. One of the songs we used to sing in those days goes thus:

Somebody touched me, somebody touched me
Somebody touched my soul ooooooooooooo
When I was praying, praying to my Father
Somebody touched my soul.

The Ghanaian teacher I lived with was very strict and I feared him a lot. But the impact of the teachings I received those days compelled me to do my first restitution to him. I told him the wrong things I had done against him, without being afraid of what he would do to me.

I have not been able to recover from the teachings I have received during those childhood years and in later years. One critical thought or thing I have learnt is that it possible to live a holy life by the power of the HolySpirit. Aside from the holiness orientation, I received the grace of discipline and saw possibilities of what God can do in and with people who are fervent followers of Christ.   I must also say that Pastor W.F Kumuyi contributed greatly enriched vocabulary and I loved the style with which he presents his messages; the topic is usually divided into three sub-topics.  Though he is a mathematician par excellence, he is a wordsmith. He is one of the persons that stirred up my writing and speaking skills.  Today, I have written 3 books and contribute write-ups on this blog  that have make positive impact on my readers.  Over the years, I have occupied different leadership positions, and had the opportunities to touch the lives of people positively.  Thanks to the solid, godly foundation I got.  Foundation matters a lot.

I was about eight years old when my father asked me to go and live with my Ghanaian lesson teacher.  I have wondered why he did so and I have come to a conclusion that it was God’s arrangement to ensure I have a childhood encounter with God in the Deeper Christian Life Ministry because of the kind of assignment or purpose He created me for.  The powerful messages of purity I heard in those early years preserved me as I grew up and went into the outside world.

Regardless of what people say, Pastor W.F Kumuyi has been a great blessing to us Nigeria, to Africa and the world at large.  Reserved, disciplined and consistent in his message of holiness, Pastor Kumuyi remains a model to many across the world.  As for me, Pastor W.F Kumuyi has touched my life indelibly especially in the area of godly character development, discipline and focus.  His message is still a guiding philosophy for me today in this world that celebrates perverseness over purity.

As I grew on in life, I have come across so many people who have also blessed me but I cannot write my story without mentioning the role Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi played in my life.  I just want to celebrate him now.  I don’t want to wait till he dies before showering encomiums on his person.  Whatever he has accomplished is definitely by the grace of God and that grace is still available for us today.  Whoever you are, and wherever you are, this wonderful grace of God can transform you and make you a blessing to the whole world.  Please join me to celebrate Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi.  Only Heaven has the full record of all this man of God has done and what he is still doing.  May we all live to fulfill our divine destiny, Glorifying God Globally (GGG) – my life motto.


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Idowu Omisore, fondly called ID Greatness, is the Founder of Youth Transformation Campaign (YTC). He is a youth development consultant, talent coach, poet, public speaker and author of 7 books: Invest Your Youthful Years; The Unstoppable Generation; Rev Up Your Success Hormones; Catalysts For Legislators & Patriots; Pages Of Greatness; Everything Rises And Falls On Attitude and Dream And Achieve Greatness. He's passionate about holistic youth development and nation building. He bagged his first and second degrees in Mass Communication and Marketing from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. To contact him for mentoring, speaking invitations or enquiries, please call / text 08059371461 or send a mail to idgreatness1210@gmail.com.
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  1. Gabriel says:

    Well articulated, God has used Pastor WF Kumuyi to bless this generation.


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