As I set my pen to write this piece, I took a brief trip down the memory lane and I recalled one of the popular nursery rhymes we sang as kids in those days. And guess what? It was just what I needed to set the tone and drive the theme of this chapter-Eureka!
The rhyme goes thus; “Tick” says the clock. “Tick, tick, what you have to do, do quick”. One thing that is certain is that the clock never stops running and time waits for no one. “Oh how time flies!” we often exclaim when we notice the swift and subtle passage of time. Someone said time is an asset of universal equality; everyone has twenty-four hours to himself or herself, regardless of status or privilege.

Life could be said to be three time phases; the past, the present and the future. The challenge before you here is to break loose from your past and maximize the moment. Don’t remain chained to your past, whether it looks ugly or not. Be forward-focused and not past-possessed. Shake off the shackles of the past. Be loyal to your future by maximizing the moment.

At times, I wonder how a young person will wake up in the morning with a blank mind. Have you got a vision that wakes you up every morning? You might be wondering how having a vision relates to maximizing the moment. When you have a vision, you naturally become time-conscious. I am talking about a vision that fires up your zeal and enthusiasm to become an achiever. Your motto would be something like this;

I will never rest,
Until I reach the crest.

Every moment counts, when it comes to building your destiny. This isn’t a joke. So many youths waste time engaging in activities that add little or no value to their lives. Now let’s go practical. Think deeply and analyze the way you spent the last twenty-four hours- the activities that gulped most of your time. By the time you’re through with this analysis, you will realize how much time you may have wasted.

Time is a precious resource. It is as precious as your life. I’ll advise you to do the above time-analysis on a daily basis or once-in-a-while. It will help you cut off your excesses and maximize the twenty-four hours God gives you daily. Some youths spend hours watching home-videos, seeing movies, partying, gisting, and making unnecessary visits playing around and having “fun”.

In case you don’t know, these youthful years are preparatory years. This means you will be doing yourself a great favour, if you realize how precious time is and then invest time – deliberately into preparation. Preparation involves doing things that can add value to you, help you grow, improve and develop into an asset, not a liability. Let your twenty-four hours be hours of preparation and you’ll always go to bed beaming with satisfaction. Remember, your great destiny demands a great preparation from you.

What I do to help me invest-and not waste- my time is to draw up what I call TDL. TDL means To-Do-List which listing all the important tasks you’ve got to do on a small sheet of paper. Then I swing into action. As I accomplish each of them, I tick it, congratulate myself and move off to the next task. It is better to draw up your TDL in the night against the next day. You can update your TDL as you remember more things you’ve got to do.

Using TDL, you’re can easily differentiate between what is important and what is urgent. Of course, urgent tasks come before important ones, then less important follows. TDL creates an unbeatable sense of urgency in you and compels you to action!

You’ll agree with me now that you’ll never be able to maximize the moment without having a stirring vision that warms up your blood and turns on your adrenalin. This vision drives you every moment. From now, begin to treasure time and stop moving with friends who might encourage you to engage in activities that don’t add value to your life.

Always ask yourself; in what specific way will this activity add value to my life? Develop this state of mind and you will never remain the same way again. You will find yourself moving forward and improving everyday. That simply means you have joined the few on the path of personal progress!

Go ahead! Maximize the moment


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Idowu Omisore, fondly called ID Greatness, is the Founder of Youth Transformation Campaign (YOUTRACAM). He is a youth development consultant, talent coach, poet, public speaker and author of 7 books: Invest Your Youthful Years; The Unstoppable Generation; Rev Up Your Success Hormones; Catalysts For Legislators & Patriots; Pages Of Greatness; Everything Rises And Falls On Attitude and Dream And Achieve Greatness. He's passionate about holistic youth development and nation building. He bagged his first and second degrees in Mass Communication and Marketing from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. To contact him for mentoring, speaking invitations or enquires, please call / text 08059371461 or send a mail to
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