You are glorious unique. Out of about 7.7 billion people in the world, 1.4 billion people are in Africa. Out of about 200 million people in Nigeria, the world’s most populous black nation, THERE IS NO OTHER LIKE YOU! You are wonderfully and gorgeously made! Your fingerprints and retina are unique. That means that no one else in the world has the exact same set of ridges and lines that you have on your fingers.

You are particularly unique because of the SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT you have to perform in the world. You are not born a Nigerian by mistake, there is a purpose. You are NOT born by accident.

In the context of the topic, the word “essence” means the significance of life, the importance of your existence, the purpose of your being alive. Is education the essence of life?  Is success, fame or wealth what makes life meaningful? What really matters in life? Continue reading

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Motivational books recommended for secondary school students

Idowu Omisore, who has positively influenced thousands of young people through his online and offline engagement platforms, has authored several inspirational books that are spot-on for high school students, motivating them to pursue academic excellence, build character and unleash their tremendous potential.

Omisore has vast experience inspiring and mentoring youths, beginning from his days as an undergraduate at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He has gone into strategic collaborations to catch them young.   Continue reading

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Thousands of thoughts travel through our minds daily. These thoughts influence our words, actions and habits. Have you ever wondered about the thoughts that run through the mind of a suicide bomber before s/he accepts such a deadly assignment and at the point s/he is about to detonate the bomb? The way we think determines how much progress we make in life.

This is why negative thoughts will hinder progress. What are you thinking about? Are you thinking thoughts of fear, unbelief or poverty? Our lives gravitate towards our thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive regardless of your past or current circumstances.

A sage once said if you think something is impossible, then you will definitely find it so. Your thoughts have a way of either restraining or propelling you towards the achievement of your set goals.

Some people think about the debts they are owing, dwell on the unfavourable circumstances surrounding them and a bleak future fills their view. If care is not taken, such people might commit suicide.

It takes a lot of courage, though, to still want to live and forge ahead. Life is somewhat unfair, in the way it apportions resources, opportunities and wealth. At times, we can’t explain why bad things happen to good people. As long as you alive and can read these words, there is hope for you to make the best of the worst situation you may be in.

Whenever negative thoughts (ideas) creep into your mind, banish them immediately. Don’t give them a breathing space. Success begins in our thoughts. Failure starts in our thoughts.

What we see, read, hear or remember bring up thoughts in our minds, aside from the thoughts that sometimes come from the blues.  Follow, feed and feast on sights, reports, books or memories that can generate healthy positive thoughts.

So what are you thinking about?

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Indeed, there are times when the motivator is in low spirits and needs to be uplifted…I was in such spirits today and needed to hear some words of encouragement.

A colleague of mine was congratulating me on my recent birthday celebration. I told her of the plenty likes and comments I got on facebook, how I felt overwhelmed with love and jokingly added that what I really need now is money in my account. Continue reading

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To manifest is to display, show, exhibit, demonstrate, reveal, indicate, express or declare something.

Since the beginning of the world, we have had men and women who have manifested God’s wisdom, grace and power, bringing solutions to problems of humanity and bringing glory to God. Continue reading

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Negative emotions and my IELTS test experience

It was on a Monday morning. I had been preparing to take this Speaking Test for weeks and the D-day came.

Check-in time was 11:30am. I left home around 7:00am with an assumption that in about three hours I should reach my test venue. How mistaken I was! Continue reading

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Nigeria: Before We Hit Diamond

Malaysia’s 60th independence anniversary celebration last Friday (August 31, 2018) set me thinking vigorously about the future of the world’s most populous black nation, my fatherland – Nigeria. On Thursday October 1 2020, our dear nation will hit the diamond age. Will it be a time to roll out drums, dance freely, pop champagne, wine and dine?  Expectedly, there will be a special presidential address on D-Day and millions of naira will be disbursed for a rich variety of events after which everything will go back to ‘normal’. A sage once said that the best way to create the future is to invent it. We cannot continue to pray and wish that things get better without taking steps critical to progress and doing things differently.  Are there lessons we can learn from Malaysia before we turn sixty? Continue reading

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Outdoor Advertising: LASAA’s Lease of Life

 The outdoor advertising sector is undeniably a key component of Nigeria’s creative economy but fraught with challenges. Research has shown that 60 percent of the country’s total advertising market is domicilled in Lagos State. It is a sector that accounts for N58.9 billion turnover yearly and is responsible for over 100,000 people in its workforce contributing hugely to the revenue of the nation. As such, the survival of the outdoor advertising sector is a matter that cannot be trifled with. Over the years, the industry has been bedeviled with a myriad of problems, some of which have become historical despite several interventions by stakeholders. A case-in-point is the effort made by the management of the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA). Early in the year, the Agency’s management team went on a fact-finding-cum-familiarization visit to a good number of outdoor advertising firms. The mission was clear: to find out the challenges facing the industry and possible ways of resolving them. Continue reading

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LASKADA: Breaking the Jaws of Drug Abuse

The ongoing International Youth Camp (IYC), with the theme ‘Awakening Humanity in Youth and Fostering Generational Z Leaders’ organized by the Nigerian Red Cross, is targeted at combating drug abuse. The camping exercise, which started August 26 to end on September 2, is in progress at the Resettlement Camp, Igando, in Ikotun-Igando Local Council Development Area (LCDA) Lagos State. This year’s edition of the camp is somewhat timely coinciding with the national urgency to rescue our youths from the claws of drug abuse.   Continue reading

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Kofi Annan: The Question of Legacy

One weighty question serious leaders ask themselves is this – “What will be my leadership legacy?” At the end of the day, all our so-called achievements, acquisitions and awards will disappear into the dustbin of nothingness but what will continue to speak volumes about us will be the positive impact we made on the lives of people within our space and under our leadership. As endowed as Africa is, we are still unable to unleash our potential because we have a dearth of legacy-conscious leaders – leaders who would sacrifice the ultimate for the immediate. Continue reading

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